Selecting a site is the most important and also the most difficult task in all of your wedding planning. Unfortunately, it’s one of the first so it’s a bit overwhelming. Most couples don’t want to spend every weekend after their engagement visiting wedding sites! We can help.

If you’re planning on getting married in Santa Cruz or the Monterey Bay area, a site consultation may be just what you need to save you time and frustration. We have resources, including photos, video tapes and menus from all the sites in our area and we will send you on your way with a list of sites that will be likely to fit your needs and budget. This process rules out the sites that wont fit your needs.

The type of sites in our area vary from gardens, halls, private homes and conference facilities to parks. The Wedding Connection can simplify your wedding planning by providing you with all you’ll need to make your decision.

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Welcome to Las wedding site on the horizon

We have such a shortage of fantastic wedding and reception sites in Santa Cruz county that we're always very excited about adding a new one for couples to consider. ...

Feb 17, 2014